Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bharat Nirman...and IPL?

Why is the Bharat Nirman Yojna being advertised so heavily on the IPL matches?

This is valuable taxpayer money. I work very hard (you at the back...stop snickering!) to earn this money. So, I'm sure, do you. This is not to doubt the relevance or progress of Bharat Nirman - but why does my money need to be spent on some very expensive advertising on television to tell people the benefits of the scheme? Why not just spend the money on the infrastructure building? What am I, as a citizen, gaining from this advertising? If the scheme leads to more jobs and better roads, isn't that great advertising in itself?

What is anyone (besides the Congress) gaining from this advertising? In which case, the cost of these ads should be borne not by the DAVP - but by the Congress. A simple as that.

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