Friday, March 14, 2008

Ban the Drug Ban.

First, read Jug Suraiya’s excellent article on the perils of the drug ban.

Then, read the comments following the article, most of which look like this:

"Stupidest argument I have ever seen in newspapers. Legalising drugs means preventing some deaths of hedonistic souls who defy all bans and take huge risks when they buy drugs, just for their highs. Legalising would mean adding millions into their category."

The comments posted here actually show that if you keep repeating something, even without presenting the reasons behind it, people will eventually start believing it. We seem to be going into a cycle here - half the junta believes that drugs are illegal because they are bad, and the other half believes that drugs must be bad, because they are illegal - otherwise why would they be? Circular reasoning, if ever I saw it.

Firstly, as Jug says, it's been proven often enough that most forms of dope have fewer "bad" effects on the body than do alcohol and nicotine. Secondly - I'm an adult, fully able to realise that what I'm about to have next isn't exactly the best thing for my health, but that's MY decision to make, not the government's. Too much chocolate is bad for you. Why don't we make the government ban that too?

When will people lose this useless patronising attitude (We must think of the poor, backward masses and the children who might fall prey to drugs!!! They obviously can’t make up their own minds for themselves!! They fall prey to the Eeevul Guys!! We must make up their minds for them!!! OMG Think of the children!!!!) and realize that the government can never make a better decision for us than we ourselves can?

If I don’t want to dope, that’s my decision. If I do want to dope, that’s also my decision - you shouldn’t be bothered by it. If I dope, lose my senses and go out and kill someone, jail me for murder, not for doping.

Disclaimer: I work for the newspaper that I just quoted. These views are my own.
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