Monday, May 7, 2007

What makes a Poem a Poem?

Sometimes I wonder if
I'll ever understand what makes
a poem a poem and
an essay an essay.

I wonder if there is a
set of rules that defines
what a poem is. It us-
-ed to be simpler in my t-
-ime. Stuff like rhyme schemes
made it easier to understand.

abab, ababa, abba
and the
like, and I instinctively knew that
it was a poem. But what if there's
no rhyme scheme? Is there
a fixed number of words per
sentence? Or is simply pressing "enter"
midway through whenever I
feel like it good enough to make
this blog-post a poem?



Anonymous said...

that's the beauty - Rules exist for essays not poems. By simply pressing "enter" you can define a new poetic style! And yeah.. this blog-post is a poem in its own unique way!

ecat said...

Okay so here is the education part:the word “poetry” comes from an ancient Greek word meaning “I create.” Since the greeks by far have been so vague, let us add to the confusion by saying that "poems are not prose".That's all- you can instinctively know what is not poetry.In my opinion, poems express concentrated ideas enriched by word play- aliteration,puns,rhyme or meter or even line arrangement as you point out.

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